Child Find Evaluation

Today was our big evaluation with Child Find to see if Jacob qualifies for services in the school district.  Since he’ll be turning three in December he’s going to be transitioning out of Early Childhood (Easter Seals) and moved into the school district.  It all hinges on how his tests go today!

I’m hoping he does well because that means he’s getting better but I’m also secretly hoping he does bad just enough to qualify.  I know him and have been doing services like these for 18 months now.  He has good days and he has bad days but the key is the consistent bombardment that his therapists give him.  Just like with his braces, if he goes too long without it he starts to revert back to his old ways.  If for some reason he doesn’t qualify, I hope that I’ve taken good enough notes to work with him on my own and we’ll probably have to look into private therapy as well.


This whole process has really opened my eyes to how good we’ve had it.  We have had amazing therapists.  Today I got reprimanded for speaking when I wasn’t supposed to.  It made me a bit nervous for what may be in store for Jacob if he is put into the system.  We’ll find out in December!!!


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