Family Night Out

For FHE tonight we made a trip down the road to Bass Pro Shops.  We love that place!  It’s not so much the gear that attracts us but the great aquarium and the stuffed animals that the kids love to see.

There’s a show on PBS that the kids are in love with called Wild Kratts.  I remember the Kratt brothers from so many years back and it’s so fun to see my kids enjoying something from my youth.  My kids are in love with animals!  They love learning about them, watching them, reading about them.  Since they’ve been on this Wild Kratts kick, Jared and I thought it would be fun to take a trip down to the Shops and test their knowledge.  Not really, but we thought they’d enjoy looking at the animals with their new-found knowledge!  We were right!!!

I love how my kids could spend hours looking at wildlife.  They love lots of different movies but it’s so great that I can put in the Disney Oceans movie and they watch it with such rapture.  They comment about the different animals that they see and it’s just so fun to see their love!


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