Fine Motor and Communication

Mr. Potato Head: Freya asked function questions for each body part.  She and I modeled 2-3 word phrases.  Jacob typically needed a pause between word prompts but he’s getting better.

Book/ Songs: Looked at animal book and Freya modeled description words (brown horse, black bull, etc).  Sang alligator song and Jacob mimicked actions.  By the third or fourth time around, he was saying some of the words!

Hammer & Pegs: Encouraged Jacob to use both hands and modeled “I want hammer” which he did once independently.  Also modeled two-word request (red peg, blue peg, etc).

I need to continue to prompt multiple words and remember to model articles such as “the” and “a”.

We also scheduled the nutrition consult for November 10th, so we’ll see what she says at that meeting.  I’m to keep a log of everything that Jacob eats three days prior.  I need to include everything that was offered him and everything that he actually consumed.


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