One Large Minion, coming right up!

After I posted those pictures of Joseph’s birthday cake and cupcakes, I got an order for one large minion!  I went over logistics in my head and drew a few sketches to make sure it would turn out the way I wanted it to.

I planned for five 6 inch round chocolate cakes with strawberry filling stacked one atop the other.  Those five layers would then be topped with half a sphere and shaved to fit the six-inch diameter of the other cakes.  I made all the cakes and frosting last night and even put a crumb-coat on it so that I could do all the fondant work today.  We’re leaving for Disneyland really early in the morning and I have to deliver this cake tonight.  I tried to get as much done as I could last night but I didn’t want the fondant or cake to dry out so I’m doing a lot today!

Everything looked wonderful this morning when I was assembling things.  I wrapped the top half in yellow fondant and the bottom two layers in blue.  I put supports in everything because even though the cake is small it can get a bit heavy once you have the frosting and decorations on it.  I stepped away to see if the bus was here to pick up Joseph an heard Joseph saying, “Oh, no!!!”  You know that’s not a good sign!  It took all my strength to not get mad.  I walked into the kitchen to find the top half of the cake had fallen off the turn table and hit my Kitchen Aid mixer on its way down.

Instead of getting mad I immediately went to work trying to salvage anything I could.  The bottom two layers of cake were structurally unsound so I had to scrap them all together.  I was disappointed that I lost 8 inches off my cake.  It was still going to be big, just not as big as I had planned 😦 .  I peeled off the blue fondant from the base and added it to the top half.  It covered the little bit of fondant that had broken when it hit the mixer.  These are things that only I would have known because the finished product turned out amazing!!!


It ended up being only 14 inches tall instead of the almost two feet that I had planned, but I guess it was a good thing.

I added little details like the bolts on the goggles and the buttons on the overalls.  I didn’t have a tool to make the little stitching marks on the fondant so I used a toothpick and got to poking!  At the very end, Jared said I needed to have the black Gru symbol on there to make it look official.  I think the hair was the hardest thing for me.  In the end I couldn’t figure out how to make the fondant look like their little sticks of hair so I cheated and used some black licorice strips that I found at World Market.

I’m so pleased with the way it turned out.  I have a cousin and a nephew who are big on this movie but they both live in Utah.  I wish there was some way to make them something like this and get it to them but I don’t know who I’d manage that.  Too bad, that would have been fun to make another one of these guys!


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