Day 2 of Disneyland

After such an amazingly long day we all slept like babies!!!  We sent Nana and Papa out early to go and get fast passes for the World Of Color show later that night.  I have to say, that was well worth the wait and the standing time.  It was an amazing show!!!

So, funny thing about the picture to the left of here.  I was walking with Jacob from the hotel room to the park and I ran ahead so I could get a good picture of him coming around the corner.  The minute I saw him I snapped the picture but instead of his smiling face I got a picture of him taking a fall down the step.  It seemed like the entire trip you could not slow him down!  He was so anxious and excited to get places that sometimes (if you weren’t holding his hand) he’d fall from trying to go too fast.  That happened quite a bit to Joseph too!  My kids aren’t that coordinated I guess!!!

We started the day off with a little bit of Mermaid action.  This ride is fairly new (at least from the last time that we were here) and since The Little Mermaid is Emma’s absolute favorite character we had to make the stop.  Lucky for us there was no wait!

The ride did not disappoint!  It went through the whole storyline and it had beautiful animation.  It was nice to sit with Emma and watch all the characters and sing along with the songs.  It’s nice to share something like that with your daughter!


The next “must-see” ride on our to-do list was the Toy Story ride in California adventure.  Gordon would not stop talking about this ride and after riding the Buzz Lightyear ride yesterday I wasn’t exactly sure what could be so fantastic about it.  The fact that it was a 45 minute wait didn’t help my skepticism at all!



Somehow we managed to occupy our time and enjoy ourselves!  Emma had daddy wrapped around her little finger as he carried her in line, Gordon kept Joseph and Benjamin entertained, and when Jacob wasn’t playing with the chain rope he was playing with his Aunt Sissa!  I just sat back and enjoyed watching my family!  It’s such a fulfilling feeling to see them all so happy!


The ride held up to every expectation that Gordon created.  This ride became one of my all time favorites!  I don’t know how they made it a 3D experience but it was magical!!!  I don’t think it will be possible to just come to Disneyland again.  It will have to be a dual-park experience from now on, especially with them opening up Radiator Springs (from Cars) and Agrabah (from Aladdin) in 2012.


We left shortly after the Toy Story ride so that we could get our fill of Disneyland.  The park was closing for the Trick-or-Treating event that night and with it closed we’d get to come back and spend time at California Adventures.  With it still be nice and warm there was one ride that we wanted to get out-of-the-way before going over to Disneyland.

It took some convincing on Benjamin’s part, especially after seeing the inner tube made a big splash yesterday, but we eventually got there.  The three older kids, Papa, Gordon, Trissa, Jared and I all fit in one tube.  Nana took Jacob back to the hotel room to take a nap!  It was nice having that hotel room so close.

Everyone got their ponchos on except for Emma.  She didn’t want one, she wanted to get wet and she made it very clear that we were all silly!  She helped Benjamin tighten his hood so that the water wouldn’t get onto his clothes.  During the ride I kept looking over at her to see if she was regretting her decision to not wear a poncho.  Everyone else was huddling under their protective gear while she was holding her hands in the air!  When the ride was over she just very matter-of-factly said, “That was fun!”  Okay then, Miss Smarty Pants!


As we were heading out of the park we saw Phineas and Ferb (one of Jared’s favorite cartoon shows)…

… and we also ran into Chip and Dale!!!

The kids made it very clear that they wanted to do the Star Tours ride again…

… as well as drive their very own cars!!!


Leaving Autopia we walked right into a Jedi training session!  Guess who was glued in place while all the trainees were fighting Darth Vader???

It seems like we find Star Wars everywhere we look!  I never would have believed the hold that these characters have on my children if I hadn’t been there first hand to see it for myself!!!  CRAZY!!!

We ate lunch at a great Cajun/ creole restaurant.  They had great outdoor seating and the price was very good considering that it was right there in the heart of the parks.  (Joseph striking a pose after lunch).  After they were done eating, the kids discovered all the little hoppy birds.  It became their mission to try to catch one.  They were quite persuasive and thoughtful.  They added french fries to one of their food containers and waited quietly for the birds to take the bait.  Of course, the minute they got close enough to close the container the bird took off but they got pretty close a couple of times.  Emma let us know that it would be really great to buy a cage, catch one of the hoppy birds and take it home as a souvenir!  Hey, it’s inexpensive!!!  It seems like by the time you’re done picking out souvenirs you could have paid for another admission ticket.


What would Disneyland be without watching the character parade!?!  Since we were here last they’ve gotten rid of the electrical parade.  That was a bummer, but with the new parade you got to see a lot of the old characters with several of the newer ones.  Joseph had a little thing for the Rapunzel from Tangled!  He got really bashful when she was waving to him 🙂 .


On our way out of the park, we hit the Snow White and Peter Pan rides.  I’m sorry to say that I have never, in my 28 years, been on either of those rides.  I could have done without the Snow White ride (it was pretty dark) but I LOVED the Peter Pan one!  You rode Captain Hooks ship and it took you into the air over London.  Jacob had some issues with the height (his proprioception) but both Jared and I were there to hold him and calm him.  I can’t believe I had never done that ride before!

We said our good-byes to Disneyland and made our way over to California Adventure to watch the World Of Color show and hit any last rides that we could before we turned in for the night and the end of our trip.

Simply spectacular show!!!  If you haven’t seen it you’ve got to!!!  It was a water show similar to the Bellagio but with laser lights added.  It had scenes from all the Disney and Pixar movies and music and just amazing awesomeness!!!  There are no other words to describe how I felt watching that show.  It lasted for 30 minutes and you stood the entire time.  I wasn’t sure how the kids would react to that but they were just as mesmerized as I was and stood and watched without a peep (unless it was to yell out a character’s name 🙂 ).

There were just a few rides still open by the time the water show was over.  We took a ride on this spinning rocket which made me incredibly naseous!!!  I’m glad we got a picture before the ride otherwise my face would have been green 🙂 .


Emma and Papa went on a ride just the two of them.  Since the boys were able to go on the California Screamin’ rollercoaster but Emma couldn’t because of height requirements, she wanted to do the jellyfish drop!  Basically, they take you to the top of this very tall pillar and then drop you, take you back to the top and drop you again.  Insane!!!


The thing that I loved watching the most was the way my father interacted with her.  He is a very loving man!  He knows how to treat a young girl and I love that he’s secure enough with himself that he can be silly and ridiculous but still be stern when times require it.  And even though it was past 11:00 and he was tired from a very long day, he took the time to be with her and he never showed her that he was too tired or that it was inconvenient to him, if it even was.  Their childhood goes by too quickly for you to not take advantage of these small moments.  And by spending those little moments with them now they will look to their grandparents more when they’re older because they’ll remember that feeling of security from their childhood.  They already have parents, they don’t need another set from their grandparents!  I know this is how they’ll feel because that’s exactly the way I feel about my grandparents!!!  My relationship with my grandparents is special and made so by the way they made me feel during our little moments together.  It wasn’t the money or the presents that they bought me (because to tell you the truth I can’t remember a single one), but it’s the feeling that they care about me and about what I say that carried over through the years.

The last thing we did before we walked through our gates for the last time was to take a picture next to the incredibly large bear!  We saw this earlier in the day when we were going down the tube ride but with the crowds there was no way to get close enough to get a decent picture.  I love how when I asked for them to do something funny Emma started screaming (picture to left) and Benjamin plugged his nose like it was stinky (picture to the right).  My kids crack me up!!!


When we got back to the room Benjamin climbed into bed and found that the tooth fairy had visited.  Just before we left for California Benjamin had lost another tooth.  Jared and I thought it would be fun for the fairy to visit him while away from the house.  When he saw what was left under his pillow he admitted that he didn’t think the tooth fairy would come while we were on vacation!  The hotel staff was so nice and helpful in this situation.  They gave him the money, button, and an autographed photo of Tinkerbell!  It was enough to make all the kids forget how tired they were 🙂 .


What a great trip!!!  I’m so glad that we decided to try this adventure this year!!!


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