Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I thought I would be happier that Halloween was on a Monday but I’m not.  I guess I’m just being a little snippish that school is cutting into my spooking time 🙂 .  Not that I’m doing much this year anyway.  With the 1/2 marathon just a couple of days away I’m going to have to go out running when Jared gets home.  He’ll have to feed them and get them all dressed and ready to go.  The plan is that I’ll run straight to the house where the kids will be all dressed and ready to go walking around the neighborhood.  The walking around with the kids will have to work as my cool down.  Not very exciting but after taking all weekend off of running because of Disneyland I’m in desperate need to get back on the road.

This morning I remembered that I had signed up to bring 20 cookies to Emma’s Halloween party at school.  Luckily, I had enough time to grab a bag of Oreos after I dropped the kids off at school and go home and make little mummies out of them.  I would have loved to make little candy eyeballs for them but I didn’t have the time so I substituted the candy eyes for chocolate chips.  It wasn’t bad.

Simple instructions: 1. Dip the Oreo or whatever type of round cookie you might have in melted white chocolate.  Set them on wax paper.  2. While they’re still wet, place two chocolate chips on the surface for eyes.  3. Let set until hardened.  4. Place melted white chocolate in piping bag with a ribbon tip and drizzle over surface and eyes to give the appearance of being wrapped.  5. Let set for about 10 minutes and then serve!

They turned out so cute and ended up not taking that much time so I made an extra 20 to bring to Benjamin’s class for his little party.  I LOVE when I’m able to bring fun things like this to brighten up my children’s day!!!


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