Sensory Tolerance

We had Jacob sit on the balance disk to promote vestibular tolerance.  He needed some verbal reminders to stay seated.  When Rebecca moved the disk Jacob would immediately try to compensate by sanding up so that he wouldn’t have to tolerate the movement.

He continues to switch hands frequently to complete the tongs task.  By this age we should know whether he’s a righty or lefty!  Rebecca thinks it has something to do with all the tasks that he’s been asked to do over the last two years that he’s built up a good tolerance of using both hands.  He does still have difficulty crossing midline (right to left, left to right).

I started getting emotional as we scheduled our last two visits with Rebecca.  Since she’s an independent contractor, I asked is private insurance would cover her visits.  She’s going to look into it.  We’re thinking that we can still have Rebecca come out and do visits outside of Child Find since it doesn’t look like he’s going to qualify for physical therapy or OT.  Private might be the only way to go from here on out.  The school district will only give him the bare minimum so that he can function in school.  Since he can walk and sit on his own  they don’t think that he needs anything more.  I don’t know why they don’t consider physical education as part of the requirements of school because that’s where his condition will show the most.  He’s already very quiet and reserved so his speech issues won’t be noticed as quickly but when he can’t learn a new game or run around the campus without his braces that’s when (I’m afraid) he’ll have difficulties functioning.  Stupid budget cuts!!!


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