Red Rock Field Trip

I was one of the fortunate parents asked to chaperone Benjamin’s class as they went to Red Rock for the morning.

I dropped Joseph and Jacob off with my mom with instructions on when and where she needed to take Joseph to school.  It’s so hard to be everywhere all the time!

It was an interesting bus ride.  When you have a group of over 100 second-graders and 10 adults all packed into one bus it can get pretty crazy.  The kids were well-behaved it was just a lot of high-pitched talking the entire time!!!


I was in charge of a small group of three boys including Benjamin, Reno, and Garrett.  They were a great group to watch over and I loved that they could have fun with each other but know when to settle down so that we could talk about what we were looking at.

I was given some reading material to go over so that I’d be able to point things out to the kids while on our hike and then they’d take a test on the information when they got back to the school.  Needless to say, that made me a little nervous.  It’s one thing to walk around and point out pretty trees and rocks but another to make sure that you’re giving them pertinent information that could affect their grades 😦 .


We had lunch at a picnic area before we headed back out for one last hike to see/smell the butterscotch tree.

What is a butterscotch tree, you ask?  Well to be honest this trip was the first time I’d ever heard of it.  One of the chaperones pointed it out to the rest of us.  I guess on one of the trails there is a lone tree that smells somewhat of butterscotch.  It’s more prominent from the back of the tree and that might be because too many of the students are around and touching it.  That was a nice close to our hike!


I’m so glad I got to go this year with him.  I missed his trip to see the dolphins at the Mirage last year.  It was a great chance for me to meet some of this friends and interact with him.


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