Nutritionist Consult

Today Freya brought the nutritionist with her to help me with some of the questions and concerns that I’ve been having with Jacob and his development.  Ever since I started training for the 1/2 marathon and learning about how to properly feed my body and growing muscles I’ve been concerned that Jacob (with his inability to chew protein well) is not getting adequate protein in his diet to help facilitate his muscle growth.

For the last three days I had to track all the food that was offered to Jacob and all the food that he actually consumed.  Using the tracking guide, a questionnaire that she went over with me, and measurements that she took herself the nutritionist was able to calculate exactly how much protein Jacob should be ingesting each day.

Jacob measured 29 pounds and 36 1/2 inches tall.  For a child his age, weight, height, and activity level he should be getting 1400 calories per day with 16 grams of protein!  I was actually quite surprised to hear that.  I didn’t expect his calorie levels to be so high because my daily intake is 1600 calories per day, but I guess it makes sense because children his age are very active and still growing whereas I’m trying to not grow anymore 🙂 .  I was also surprised that with a calorie count that high that a diet with 16 GRAMS of protein would sustain him!  I guess I just thought that he would need more than that.  Actually, he does need more than what he’s been getting as far as calories go.  I’ll have to look for ways to sneak more in there.

Talking with Sara made me feel better about his diet and not worry so much about if he doesn’t chew or eat everything given him.  He is healthy and there is nothing better to hear than that!!!

I’ll continue to offer him protein foods with meals, and use the strategies that Myrna and I have been working on to increase his tolerance/ ability of eating meats, and I’ll consider adding another snack in the afternoon such as fruit or yogurt or veggies and dip to help add more calories to his diet.


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