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Immediately after the soccer awards ceremony we headed over to the church to support our scouts in their fundraising efforts.  Each year we hold a car show where people can register their cars to be put on display and them people come to admire them.  At least that’s what I understand it to be 🙂 .  We haven’t been in years past but Benjamin starts scouts in a couple of months so we thought it’d be some good exposure.


It was so neat to see all the different models fo cars they had on display.  There were some really old models from the 40’s and some new, decked out models.  The picture to the far left is of Joseph riding a Pontiac Solstice.  The picture in the middle is of Jacob driving a 1959 VW Panel Bus (aka the Mystery Mobile).  The picture to the far right is of Joseph driving

Once we finally made it back to the house I had to get started on a bunch of thank yous for our Primary program tomorrow.  I needed to bake at least 100 chocolate chip cookies for the children.  The other counselor and I split the job so that one of us didn’t get burned out baking.

After all the cookies were made and cooling I got to put together 20 little thank yous for the teachers and music people who put in so much time and effort to make the program a success, especially since the date was pushed forward by about three weeks.  I think the little “smore” treats turned out really cute and there was the added bonus of using up more of the leftover Halloween candy!!!

I had someone  ask me why I even bothered making treats for the teachers because it was part of their calling.  Even though sitting with their classes during the performance is part of their calling I know how easy it is to get burned out on teaching children every Sunday, especially when you’re home with them during the week.  It’s little things like having a successful program and saying thank you that help them feel appreciated.  Well, that’s at least how it was for me when I was a teacher and I want to make sure that the people who are dedicating their time and energy to teaching my children the gospel that they know how grateful I am!


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