Soccer Award Ceremony

Benjamin and Emma had their awards ceremony this morning.  We thought it would just be them receiving their awards so we were surprised to find the UNLV women’s soccer team in the gym when we got there.


The women were there to teach the kids some fun drills and give them a little pep talk about team work and practice.  The ladies worked well with the kids and it was fun to watch them use some of the skills they’d learned during the season.  One fun thing they learned from the ladies was how to hit the ball with your head!  I think Benjamin had been waiting for that one for a while 🙂 .


It was so funny because the practice/ award ceremony took twice as long as a normal game would.  What’s so funny about that you ask… Joseph!!!  He was bored out of his mind!  I guess soccer games don’t hold as much value for siblings as they do for the parent watching their child.  It’ll be his time soon enough 🙂 .

The kids each got a trophy and were recognized by their coach, Ms Angela.  They both had a great year with both of them making game winning goals!  Can’t wait for the season to start back up again!



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