Primary Program – I Know the Scriptures are True

Today was our Primary Program in sacrament meeting.  It was a bit weird for me since I taught the kids all but one of the songs and then didn’t lead them in the music because I’m no longer the music person.  It meant I got to police the other children 🙂 .

It was a bit odd today as well because Jared missed all three of the kids speaking parts and Benjamin’s “Praise to the Man” solo.  Matt and Tori blessed their baby girl this morning and Jared had to be across town for that.  He was quite torn between his kids and his priesthood obligation.  If it hadn’t been for that fact he probably wouldn’t have gone.

I was so pleased that all three of the kids had memorized their parts and I was just over the moon with how well Benjamin sang.  One of the songs that the Primary children had to sing was Praise to the Man which, as you know, is full of big long words that are harder for little ones to pronounce and remember.  Back when I was chorister I had decided to have this be a chance for the young men to shine.  The senior primary boys learned the first verse and everyone else learned the chorus, then I had a quartet (Benjamin being one of them) sing the third verse and then everyone join in on the chorus.  Benjamin started the third verse and a couple measures later was joined by another boy and a couple measures later they were joined by another boy and then a couple measures after that another boy would join the group until all four were singing.  Those four were so perfect in their pitch and volume it gave me chills 🙂 .  I’m glad that Jared was at least able to come to the practice yesterday so that he could get an idea of what the kids had worked so hard on all year!


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