Breaking Dawn at Midnight

It’s that time of year again when I break out the life-size Edward Cullen cutout for throngs of adoring fans (or our group of 18) 🙂 !

Monday I realised that I didn’t have my ticket to see the new Twilight movie and I hadn’t heard if anyone else was planning on going. My friend, Katie, is usually the first one in line with me for these things but she just had a baby a few months ago and she was saying that she needed to get sleep or some odd excuse like that 😉 . I was sure that there would be only one or two others that would go with me but by the time I posted on Facebook and made a couple calls I had a group of 18 women that wanted to go!!!

We made a nice evening out of it by going to Chilli’s and eating dinner/dessert before the movie. It gets so crazy in Town Square before the movie that we thought it’d be better to eat “off campus”.

It was Lani’s birthday that day so Jamie made some red velvet cake and we pushed a bunch of tables together and gabbed until about 10:30 and then left for the theater.  It was a bit odd this year because where we’ve been able to sit outside the theater and watch all the crazy people walk around in years past they didn’t allow that this year.  Instead, you were able to reserve your seat when you purchased your ticket and they wouldn’t allow you to “loiter” until an hour before the movie started. Lucky for us Chilli’s let us stick around for a while.


On our way into our theater we spotted an Edward look-a-like.  You could get your picture taken with this fake for the ridiculous price of $15!!!  The funny thing is that there was a line of women ready to pay that.  Jamie and I just tried to get a picture on the sly.  I don’t think we were fooling anyone 🙂 .

The movie was great and I can hardly wait to see the final part!  I get to go see it again with Megan in a couple of days.  It’ll be nice to do something with her outside of family gatherings!


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