Jacob is using two words together more and more!

Book:  He pointed to animals while Freya and I encouraged description words.

Pegs:  He used two words together to ask “more pegs”, “blue peg”, etc.  Freya encouraged him to use two hands to build pegs one atop the other.

Mr. Potato Head:  We worked on the functions of each body part and then Freya modeled answers when/if Jacob didn’t know.  She also had him pointing to parts that she had hidden on the shelf.  Two words were used to request which item he wanted like “green mouth”, “black eyes”, etc.

Egg Hunt:  He identified the colors of eggs, animals inside, and animal sounds/movement.  We utilized the stool to reach eggs that were too high.  He jumped and hopped for frog and bunny…

He did such a great job!!!


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