A Day Full of Thanks


Today was the much anticipated day of Thanksgiving!  A day where we can eat as much as we want and not get criticized for it 🙂 !  No, I’m just kidding.  Well I guess I’m not about the eating part because that’s true but that’s not why we’ve been waiting for this day.


We had Brandon, Kyrina and Brayden come into town as well as Amy’s mum, Jenny.  This was Jenny’s first Thanksgiving, seeing how she’s from merry ol’ England!  It was wonderful to be around family.

Jared has today and tomorrow off from work and the kids have the rest of the week off of school!  It’s kind of nice to have them home so that we can start getting things ready for Christmas but they get so restless when they’re home.  We’ll see if Christmas shopping will help get their mind off things 😉 .

For dinner I was in charge of rolls.  In the past I’ve used a recipe that my sister-in-law has perfected over the years but this year I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.  The stone being the rolls and the birds being dinner and our Thanksgiving list.  Starting last year, we started a little tradition where we make a list of all the many things that we’re thankful for.  That list could go on and on forever so I only make a certain number so that we’re sure to use them wisely.  This year I didn’t have time to cut out a million leaves so I thought we’d make some “thankful rolls”.  We made a list of 48 things that we were thankful for last night and I typed and printed them off for this morning.  While the boys were out playing football Emma and I got to making the rolls.

It was the same idea of a crescent roll but before you roll the dough up you place a little slip of paper that tells what you’re thankful for on top and then roll it up.  You let it rise and then bake it and when it’s time to eat just warn everyone what’s inside so that they don’t eat the paper.  In theory, the paper is supposed to slip out when you pull on it but more often than not it would rip and you’d have to unwrap the roll to get it all out.

It was so much fun to have everyone read what the kids were thankful for and the kids felt so special!  I think I’ll use this idea again I just wish there was a better way so that the paper doesn’t fall apart.



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3 responses to “A Day Full of Thanks

  1. Ron Larsen

    Great Pictures, but where is the snow? Oh, yea you guys don’t get any of that cold stuff. Merry Christmas to all of you guys!

  2. You’re so right!!! The last of our leaves just fell off our trees this week! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hugs and kisses to all!!!

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