Sensory/Fine Motor Work

Today was a bit interesting with OT because Jacob has been a bit tipsy for the last couple of days.  The last time I can think of where he acted like this it was because he had water in his ears from swimming.  Since it’s in the mid 40’s I don’t think it’s because of water in his ears.  The only reason I could think why he’d be acting this way is because he’s been a little stuffy lately.  She said that it could be fluid draining into his ears from his congestion.   She said to watch it and if it persists to see the doctor.  She said that this just might be something that happens to him every time he gets a little sick and that I’ll just have to watch out for when it happens again, because chances are this is just how he’s wired and it will happen more often than not.

Sensory wise, Rebecca had Jacob crawl through a tunnel for weight-bearing  and squatting.  Becca noticed how poor his motor planning was with his squats and balance.  He had an incredible amount of drool as well.

Fine motor wise, Becca had him use two hands on a clothes line to put on and take off clothes-pins and socks.  She threw in the matching component as an added bonus.


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