Child Find Evaluation- Jacob

This morning we had Jacob’s evaluation with Child Find.  It’s crazy that the evaluation landed on one of the busiest days of the month for me.  And it’s not like it’s a quick thing that won’t take up a lot of time and energy either.

In so many ways this evaluation reminded me of the first evaluation we had with Early Childhood.  The first half of the meeting is discussing all the things that are wrong with your child and how far behind they are from the rest of the children their age.

  • For cognitive functioning he scored a 92 (with 100 being the mean, not perfect).  He’s in the 30th percentile for children his age.  His verbal skills pulled him down a bit.
  • For daily living skills he scored a 71 which is the 3rd percentile.  This score represents a moderately low-level of functioning in this area for an individual his age.
  • His socialization skills score came in at 102 (55th percentile).  His adaptive functioning within the socialization domain is adequate for his age group.  The overall obtained score on this domain does not indicate a developmental delay in this area when Jacob is compared to his same age peers.
  • His motor skills dropped back down to a score of 85 leaving him in the 16th percentile.  This score represents a moderately low-level of functioning in this area for an individual his age.  His adaptive level is moderately low for the gross motor skills sub domain and adequate for the fine motor skills sub domain.
  • For language Jacob scored a 34 (45th percentile) for his auditory comprehension and scored a 29 (19th percentile) for his expressive communication.  He is able to comprehend more than he is able to verbalize at this time.

Then they go through all the assessments and determine if your child is eligible for services and in what areas.  There are five areas that they can qualify for services and Jacob qualified for four of those five.  He’ll be receiving special education for his expressive language, his gross and fine motor functioning, self-help skills, and social/emotional functioning.

It was a little depressing to sit there and listen to them analyse my baby but when they were done with that they went through (just like Easter Seals) all of Jacob’s strengths and used those points to develop a plan for his continued therapy.  I did start crying as they were letting me know that Jacob qualified to receive services through them.  I was so happy that he was going to continue his much needed therapy but I was also very sad to realise that this was the beginning of the end with the five other mothers (therapists) that have been with us for the last two years.  I can’t believe that I won’t see them at my house like that anymore.  We’ve only got a few more visits left until Jacob turns three.  I’m not looking forward to the day 😦 .

But just like with everything, from one bad thing comes something good.  We’ll get to see more of Ms. Carrie and I’m sure I’ll be living at the school for a while until I  can handle the seperation 🙂 .


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