Parent/Teacher Conferences

So this year we had three parent/teacher conferences to schedule.  The kids are doing great in their studies.  Some are able to pick things up quicker than others but the main point is that they’re working hard and staying focused.

Our meeting with Emma’s teacher was a little more exciting than usual because of the day that Emma and Ms. Daskas had.

She started off by apologizing for the scary story that we had probably heard, that she wanted to be the first to tell us and reassure us but she was sure that Emma had already told us the minute she got home.  Jared and I just sat there looking at her and bracing ourselves for the worst.  I’m sorry to say that all I could think of was how she had treated someone poorly or said a bad word or something along those lines.  I guess I need to work a little more in the “trust my kids” department. 🙂

Ms Daskas proceeded to tell us that earlier that day Emma had told her that another student had brought a knife to school and showed it to her while walking into class.  Ms. Daskas thanked Emma, assuming that it was a plastic knife for lunch or something harmless.  She questioned the student who responded by showing her the knife in question.  It was not a plastic knife or even a toy knife but a butcher knife from a kitchen set!!!  Ms. Daskas immediately took the student to the front office as is the protocol.

(Now remember, this is first grade!!!)

While in the office the little girl was questioned as to why she brought the knife.  If it was to show off to her friends that would still require an R.P.C. but they’d know that there was not malicious intent on her behalf.  The little girl wouldn’t talk and so Emma was pulled from class to see if she had any more details that she could share.  Come to find out, the little girl had told Emma that she had brought the knife to kill another student in their class because she wasn’t nice to her the other day.  WHAT THE HECK!!!  It wasn’t like she had been bullied for months on end (not that that would make it any better) but I mean, COME ON!!!  What happened to pushing her back or tattle-tale to the teacher???  Seriously, a knife is your answer!!!  What is going on at home to where that is her first answer to solving her problem?!?!

I’m just so glad that my little Emma had listened to some small part of our talks on this very subject.  She knew that she was supposed to tell an adult and she did!

To think that she came so close to an object and person with such destructive intentions makes me shudder.  When I questioned the school as to Emma’s safety in the matter (since she was the one that ratted the little girl out) I was reassured that the little girl was expelled and was not allowed on campus again and that she had no idea that Emma was the one to blow the whistle.

I feel sorry for the little girl, but only marginally.  I’m glad that she’ll be getting counseling to help with her obvious issues. But I am so happy that everyone is safe and that Emma could be so courageous and stand up for the right!!!


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