Letters To Santa

The TV was on while I was wrapping presents the other day and I heard that Macy’s had a Santa Mailbox in each of their stores.  I thought, wouldn’t that be neat for the kids to actually go in and drop their letters off for Santa.  So that’s exactly what we did for FHE tonight!  Of course the closest Macy’s is in Henderson so we had quite the drive to make.

We tried to squeeze as much into this trip as possible, gas is just too expensive these days to not try to do that.  I was able to see a young girl in our primary in her dance recital at the mall.  I think the primary  children get so excited when they see you outside of church so I try to find little opportunities, like the one today, to see them.  It ended up being really nice for Emma to see what other forms of dance there are out there.  She was captivated the entire time 🙂 .

Once the recital was over we headed over to Macy’s to take a look at this Mailbox that we’d heard so much about.  I didn’t really have any expectations so when I finally saw the whole set up I was pleasantly surprised!  As you can see, so were the kids 🙂 !!!

They had already written their letters to Santa but they provided you with paper to write on if you wanted and so, of course, my children were excited to write yet another letter to Santa!



I think the best part was watching them mail their letters!  At one point, Emma looked like she was making a wish as she dropped her letter in, Joseph kept pulling his letter back at the last second to readjust it and make sure it went in just right, while Jacob put his letter in and then tried to look inside the mailbox to see where it went!  The simple innocence of children is so rejuvenating this time of year!!!


So, the entire time that we were at the mall, Jacob was enthralled with the escalators.  He went up and down and up and down every chance he got.  Luckily, I have a husband who went up and down with him so that I could stand back and take pictures of it all 🙂 .

He’s really getting so much better with his proprioception!  The fact that he willingly initiated this activity, even though you could see the fear and unease on his face sometimes, is a huge step in the right direction for him.




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2 responses to “Letters To Santa

  1. I had no idea they had these. I for sure have to do this next year. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

    • I know! It was such a fluke that I heard it on the TV but the kids loved it! It solved the question of how the mailman was going to deliver our mail 🙂 You don’t need a mailman when there’s a direct line to the North Pole!

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