Benjamin’s 8th Birthday!

My Benjamin is 8 years old today!  This is one birthday that didn’t sneak up on me this year.  It probably had something to do with the fact that every month for the last six months I received a stake calendar showing what days kids were getting baptized and his name was always on it with the date highlighted.  I also had to make myself be on top of it all so that we could make sure family and friends were given enough notice if they wanted to attend the baptism.  I feel a little bad that we haven’t been really looking forward to his birthday but the big even coming 11 days later, but then I think about it just a second longer and I’m okay with that!  I’d rather be focused on this life-chaging experience than a couple presents and cupcakes (although the cupcakes I whipped up were really cute).

As usual, I was blindsided by the cupcake request from my son especially since I wasn’t planning on anything because his official party is on the 31st (combined birthday/baptism party).  I guess I was wrong to think that way 🙂 .  Benjamin requested a Wild Kratts party, which basically means themed cake/cupcakes with candles for him to blow out.  I made a simple vanilla cupcake with icing to match the Wild Kratts characters, Martin and Chris, but then added some chocolate fudge frosting in a rope design around the edges!  I knew a couple of the presents that my parents were going to give him for his baptism and there was one in particular that I wanted him to have before the baptism, along with a couple from us, so, with Nana and Michael, Amy, and Jenny standing by, Benjamin blew out his candle!

His Nana and Papa gave him a razor scooter, a new jacket, and a baptism towel.  I was surprised at how much time he gave the towel considering the other presents, but he took some time to read the poem and we pointed out that he can use that next week to dry off when he comes out of the water.

My Baptism Towel

Today you will be baptized
your sins all washed  away
And I will be there waiting
Excited in every way
For I’m a very special towel
With an important job to do
And I will be the one they take
To wrap around you
You can keep me as a reminder
Of this very special day
When you were baptized a member
And your sins were washed away! 

Jared, the kids and I got him a couple new suits, one was a bit big and so will have to wait for later, but a new tie and tie clip, also a new set of scriptures with his name engraved on them!


He was so thrilled to see his name engraved on the front of his new scriptures!  He had been using my old scriptures that I received when I was baptized for several months now.  It was really neat to watch him put his new scriptures in his case and pass my scriptures onto Emma.  She was just about as thrilled as he was at getting new scriptures!  Well, new to her at least 😉 .  She’s getting so good at her reading now that she needs something more than just The Book of Mormon but then I don’t want to buy her a new set just yet because we want that to be a special gift for her baptism in 18 months.  Oh my!  I just realised that she’s the next baptism for both the Combs and Johnson families.


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