The Eve of Christmas

Christmas Eve was pretty quiet this year.  Nana and Papa left earlier this week for Utah and that just left our family and Mike, Amy, and Jenny.

Earlier this morning we met up with the Johnsons for our traditional Christmas Eve breakfast.  Uncle John was in town and breakfast gave Benjamin the perfect opportunity to have a little chat with him and ask him to give the talk on the Holy Ghost.  I think everything is coming together for that.  We have less than a week until we’ll have tons of family and friends over to celebrate that big day!

I spent the rest of the day making our traditional cinnamon rolls as well as an extra dozen for the family we are ringing and running to. (shh 😉 ).  I was also running a little behind in a couple of the gifts I was hand making.  Emma had drawn Julia’s name and I had drawn Megan’s name this year.  I know Megan had said that she wanted an orbital sander for some of the projects she had been doing around her house but she had also mentioned how she’d love to have a nice apron since they’re like $30 these days.  I decided to make an apron for her and a mini apron for Julia.  I didn’t have a pattern so I used Jacob as a model.  It was funny to hold these pretty little pink swatches up to him and pin and tie things on him but he didn’t seem to mind at all.  I was so worried that I wouldn’t get them done in time but I finished them around 11:00 tonight.  Talk about waiting ’til the last-minute!!!

The kids and I made chocolate chip cookies and got the carrots ready for the reindeer!  Jenny told us about this English tradition where the children of the house go out and sprinkle “fairy dust” on the walkway so that Santa can find the houses of the children that still believe in him!  I tried it for the first time tonight with the older kids and you should have seen their faces!  They were so excited about the idea and it made a little more sense as to why Jared and I stay up after they go to bed 😉 .  The kids set up their tents in our room for one big sleepover.  We started this tradition more out of necessity than fun because we had little ones that snuck around the house at night 🙂 .  We had them sleep in our room so that we could hear when they woke – and pounced!

I think it was a record for going to bed on a Christmas Eve!  Midnight!!!  Since we have church tomorrow morning at 9am Benjamin came up with the bright idea to blindfold their eyes and take them out to the car one by one and then come home and open presents.  I think I have to agree to that one because they won’t get up in time to get dressed and open presents before we’d have to leave.

It was nice having Mike, Amy, and Jenny over for a couple of hours.  We were all able to have dinner together (chicken noodle soup and rolls) and go deliver our last days’ gift.  Mike and Amy appreciated it because they were living with us last year when we started this tradition.  It was nice to finish the 12 days off with them, running through the cold 🙂 !

A cute video of Mike playing with the kids!!!


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