The Day After

Today was a day of clean up and play!  The kids did the playing while Jared and I did the cleaning up.  I never realised or even considered how that Kinect would as a babysitter.  The kids played and played while Jared and I took down decorations.  I know, how unfestive.  I just have a ton of people coming over in five days’ time and I didn’t want to have to worry about little kids touching or playing with the things.  I want to be able to enjoy myself and my family and remember as much as I can.  It’s not everyday that your child gets baptized and I want to remember it!

So, boring day yet very productive.  With all the decorations down and out (except for the lights) I can now start dusting and cleaning the house and maybe even get a few projects done in time.  Oh yeah!  I’ve gotta get crackin’ on a menu for the party.  I’m thinking chili and cornbread with cake.  We’ll see.


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