Today (at exactly 5:03 pm) Jacob turns three!  And that means that he is no longer eligible to receive early intervention services 😦 .

It’s a sad day because these great women have been an integral part of our lives for the last two years.  It’s going to be so sad to see them leave, especially when they were the majority of my support system.  I think the saddest thing for me is that Jacob has no idea.  He thinks today is just like any other day.  He keeps asking for Becca and it’s been several days since her last visit.  I take a little comfort in the fact that she’s going to come back and visit after the new year.

We got the call and Jacob is supposed to start school on the 3rd of January!  So soon.  It’s a lot sooner than I thought it’d be.  But I’m glad that he won’t have a huge gap where he’s not getting services.

Yeah, Jacob!  You’re getting older and moving on.  The future holds so much for you and there are so many people here to support and love you, most of all ME!  I love you, my little angel face!


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