We had a day full of visitors.  It started with Freya and then Myrna found her way over here too.  She was a much better “mother” to Jacob than I was today.  She brought him some cupcakes and a candle for him to blow out, she even brought those little noise makers that you blow.  I confess that it was for therapy, but still, with Benjamin’s baptism tomorrow I haven’t really thought of anything else.


Jacob blew out his candle appropriately and even attempted to blow his horn but as you can see from the video he wasn’t that successful 🙂  Although his attempts were so ridiculously cute that they made me laugh!!!

Oh, it’s too bad that I’m not more on top of things to the point where I could throw two parties in two days.  Really the only reason that he’s the one getting the short end of the stick is because he’s younger and less likely to notice.  He’s such a good little boy!  He’s really more than I ever deserved to have as a son.  I can’t think of another child that is more loving and just all around good.  He amazes me all the time.  I love you, Jakey!!!



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2 responses to “Three!!!

  1. Myrna Parrott

    I miss you guys! I hope preschool with Fuff is going well!

  2. Grandma Combs

    What a sweetheart!!! Looking forward to seeing you soon…

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