A Busy New Years Eve

We had an amazing day!  It was a physically and emotionally draining day.  By 6:00 I was ready for bed but all the kids were geared up and ready to stay up til midnight.  Imagine how surprised we were when Jared got a call from some old friends from his mission telling him that they were in town and wanted to see him!!!  Ana and Marcos Cabral were young adults when Jared served in their ward.

It was great to watch them interact with Jared and talk with the kids.  Jacob took a big liking to Ana, and who wouldn’t!?!  I’m so glad that they stopped by even if it was for just an hour.  It was good for the kids to see the kinds of great things that can come from your mission!

A tradition we started this year, now that everyone can answer the questions, sort of 😉  It was so late but I’m glad I was able to capture some of their answers on video.  They grow up so fast and learn how to say words correctly and pretty soon their cute little quirks are all gone!  You might have to raise your volume up pretty hight to hear, especially on Jacob’s video!


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