Benjamin gets Baptized!

Today has been a long-awaited day in our household.  Today Benjamin got baptized!!!

I remember back when Benjamin was a week old and I was having a minor anxiety attach when I realised that one week had passed.  Jared’s response, in an obviously failed attempt to calm me, was to recite the number of weeks  we had left until he left on his mission (987).  That just threw me into deeper hysterics.  I remember with clarity how my heart broke when he proceeded to tell me that it was no big deal because it would only be 415 more weeks until his baptism, thinking that would be a better choice.  It wouldn’t have mattered how many weeks Jared would have told me til some pending event in our sons’ life, it was all just differing levels of sadness.  Not sadness for the event but sadness that time is always passing and even though one moment may be perfect and you can try as hard as you might to hold onto it but that moment will always move onto the next.

Last night we did a dry run of everything.  Everyone got dressed in their clothes to make sure that I had everything on hand when it was time to get dressed in the morning.  Benjamin packed his suitcase with his baptism towel that he got from his birthday, some new underwear, comb and gel.  It was a huge bag for what he had to carry but it’s a special case that his great-grandparents gave him years ago.  It’s one of those old-fashioned suitcases with satin lining on the inside.  I don’t blame him for wanting to use it 🙂 .  It’s pretty cool!

Jared and him left extra early so that they could fill up the font.  Jared texted me this picture of him all dressed in his whites.  I got so emotional when I saw him.  He just looks so happy!!!  Benjamin told me later that he and daddy practiced dunking him in the font before they filled it up.

I arrived a little later with the kids who couldn’t leave Benjamin alone, but in a good way.  They were hugging him and asking him all kinds of questions.  It was great to see how Emma was hanging on his every word.  It’s crazy to think that she could be the next one to get baptized in both the Combs and Johnson families.


I was so happy that I took the time last night to get everything in order so that things ran smoothly today.  I didn’t want to be stressed with having to get all the kids ready and to the stake center with enough time to take pictures and then pretend to be happy when I had just been yelling at everyone.  Instead, with a little preparation, we were all able to have a great morning.  We had enough time to talk with people, take pictures, and just live in the moment.

My mom had a lot to do with that.  She took it upon herself to prepare the chili for the lunch afterward and bought the bread bowls by the other day.  She said that she wanted me to be able to enjoy the day, that she remembered running around taking care of everyone else around her when my little brother, Brandon, was getting baptized that she missed the part where he actually got baptized.  She was in the back of the crowded room and couldn’t see a thing.  She remembered crying and feeling horrible (understandably) and she didn’t want that for anyone else.  Thanks, mom, for all your help!!!


The ceremony was beautiful!  Benjamin and Willie were both baptized by their fathers!  The two boys and their mothers sang a musical number, A Child’s Prayer, when they were done getting changed.  I’m so glad that we did that.  It was a great way for the moms to be a part of the ceremony and it was so amazing to sing those words with my son.

While Jared and Benjamin were changing out of their wet clothes, Jared was able to give him a little gift.  We had bought him a CTR ring (a nice one that doesn’t turn your finger green 🙂 ).  He changed into his new suit, tie, and tie clip and came out of the dressing room a new boy!

Jared confirmed Benjamin as a member of the church.  Not everyone we wanted was able to be there but we did have both grandpas, Michael and John.  It was nice to have John there because he was never able to make any of the kids’ baby blessings.  It was amazing at how many people had changed their schedules to be there for Benjamin.  John, Hannah, and LJ drove up yesterday from Arizona to be here.  Jared’s Uncle Dave flew in from Texas, and Great-grandpa Les and Great-grandma Pat drove up from the river.  It really was a wonderful time!!!

After the baptism, everyone headed back to our place for some lunch and dessert.  At the last-minute last night I had decided that cupcakes might not be enough for everyone.  So, being me, I made a #8 cake with a blue ribbon design.  The cupcakes were white cake with a whipped frosting and a little bit of chocolate fudge in the middle.  Jared helped me make the CTR toppers last night.  As anyone, I just can’t help myself!  My mind keeps racing and coming up with new things to do until the last second of an event.  Jared is good for me because he reigns me in a bit 🙂 .

Jacob and Julia sat at the table watching that cake like hawks.  At one point I noticed little finger marks through the cake.  I knew what was going on and I couldn’t blame them.  How dare I sit that cake in front of them and expect them to not touch it.  I’m actually surprised that they didn’t eat more of it.  I had to snap a couple quick pictures of it before it disappeared 🙂 .

The cupcakes were perfect for the kids.  We ended up eating the #8 cake all day.  People had some at the celebration and then the kids had about 5 pieces each throughout the New Years Eve “party”.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and that’s all I could have asked for.  It was a simple white chili in a bread bowl with a spinach salad.  We had plenty of food and you know everyone’s happy when their bellies are full!


I think one of the best moments of that party was when I walked into the front room and found Benjamin and Hannah sharing a seat and reading baptism books together.  It was only a year ago that we were at Hannah’s baptism and I know that Benjamin remembers that like yesterday.  He’s wanted to call her and ask her all kinds of questions about what to expect.  These two have grown up as close as possible over the years.  It makes me a bit sad that they live so far apart because I think they’d be even closer than they are now.  I can’t tell you how happy I was that they made that long drive up from Arizona to be here for Benjamin.  I know it meant a lot for him to have his cousin there 🙂 .



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  1. McKee Ranch

    Congratulations “Big Ben! ” great pic! CTR! Xo

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