Our Last Sunbeam

As we were closing up for the night I realised that with church tomorrow being the first sunday of the month it would also be the day that Jacob moved from Nursery over to Sunbeams!  I wish Primary was similar to the school district in that you could hold your child back a year if you feel that they’re not ready.  He will be the youngest child in his class and with him not being able to talk as well as the other children his age I don’t want his teachers to get frustrated with him.

Even though his birthday was yesterday each child that turns three before the end of the year moves onto Sunbeams, which means he’s going to be in Primary with me.  I’m not sure how that’s going to turn out.  He could be really good or he could  be clinging to me instead of sitting with his class.

Whatever happens tomorrow I’m sure he will be happy.  He’s so good at adapting to his surroundings.  It comes with the territory when you have a million doctor and therapist visits.  Speaking of therapists, Ms. Kristen would be happy to see Jacob jumping in this video.  It’s the closest we’ve ever come to jumping with two feet off the floor 🙂 !


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