Uncle Brandon passes through

We didn’t get a chance to see Uncle Brandon when he was here a few days ago so we made extra sure that we spent some quality time with him on his way back home from Minnesota.

It was a bummer that he missed Benjamin’s baptism but I understand that everyone else has their families and other obligations to attend to.  That’s why it was so nice when he came over for a couple of hours and really played with the kids.  I felt a little guilty because it looked more like babysitting.  Even though Jared and I were right there no one payed us any attention.  It was like we had left to go on a date or something.  The kids only had eyes for Brandon and I can’t say that I blame them.  Brandon was so unbelievably awesome with them!  He gave them 110% of his attention and he got down on their level.  He wrestled with Joseph, he snuggled with Emma, he played XBox with Benjamin, and the best part was when Jacob tried to talk to him he gave him his undivided attention 🙂 .

When it came time for him to go home my kids tried their best to make him stay 🙂 !  They clung to him with all their might!  In the end he won and they all watched on the drive way as he drove away.  A fun thing that the kids like to do when either Jared or I have to leave the kids push the car down the drive.  It started when they were really little with Jared pretending to be “Super-daddy” and they kids thought he had super strength because he could push the car out the garage and down the driveway 🙂 .  It’s funny how those fun little things evolve over time.



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