The day Scouts entered our lives

This afternoon I got a call from Amee Ivie asking if Benjamin would be coming to scouts today.  My jaw kinda dropped because I had forgotten and then because I could not believe we were to that point already.  I mean, it makes sense, they join the organization after they turn 8 and so this would have been the first week that he would have been able to come.

What an amazing start to the year!  You’re baptized on New Years Eve and then three days later you get to start scouting 🙂 .  Jared and all his brothers are Eagle Scouts!  I come from a big scouting family too.  All my brothers are Eagle Scouts, but to the max!  They made it their point to have all their requirements done early on so that the minute they could possibly do their eagle project they were on it.  It was a kind of competition between them and their grandpa to see who could get more badges and awards.

Since Amee’s call was so close to the time when the meeting started I didn’t have time to get any of his gear from the scouting office, so he just went in his school clothes to have a good time.

When we got there, all the other scouts in his den gave him the “mosquito solute”.  It’s basically where you run around slapping yourself like you’ve got a million mosquitos biting you.  Just one of the many ways that they say hello in scouts 🙂 .  Benjamin looked at them like they were crazy and he had no idea what he was supposed to do.  I felt bad that I didn’t explain to him more of what to expect.  Maybe that was because I had no idea what to expect.

Their first activity for the year was learning how to use a knife!  Of course, our first meeting happens to be the most dangerous one.  They went over the safety tips and then gave each boy a bar of soap to practice on.  This will be good for him because the Pinewood Derby is in a few months time and he’ll need to sculpt his car.


I just about had a heart attach watching him use the knife.  I guess that’s why they have the parents wait in the foyer 🙂 .


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