Our Friend George

Our family had the amazing privilege of attending the baptism of our neighbor, George.

I have to say that ever since Jared became ward mission leader that I have had more experience and exposure to missionary work than I ever did in the past.  It’s been such a wonderful thing in our home and in the homes of those around us.

I first met George when I was out visiting teaching.  We had a list of women that wouldn’t let us in their doors and I didn’t like the idea that I got a “free pass” because I couldn’t go and talk to them.  I remember calling Jared up and asking him if there were any investigators or less actives that might need a visit.  He immediately texted me a bunch of names.  One of those names was a new convert named Ivonne 🙂 .  Jared filled me in on this amazing woman and her conversion.  He told me how even though she had been given permission to attend the spanish ward that she opted to go to her/our ward because she wanted her husband to get exposed to the gospel and she felt that going to her regular ward would help her in that.

We visited for several hours with Ivonne who had only been a member for a few short months.  The wonderful thing about that visit was that her husband sat in on the whole discussion.  Since she was still new to the gospel herself there were still very basic principles that were covered that would have answered questions that he might have had as well.  It has been amazing to watch how he has grown and to see him make the changes he needed to so that he could grow closer to his beautiful wife.

Jared was blessed to be able to baptize George and the kids were able to see another baptism.  It was great having this baptism follow so closely after Benjamin’s because Benjamin got it.  I could see it in his eyes as he saw everything that was going on in a whole new light!  So amazing to see little things like that in my children.

I can hardly wait for 2013 new year because these two friends will be able to enter the temple and be sealed together and there is no greater happiness than what you find at the temple!


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