Sister Wixom Visits

Okay, so not the best picture I’ve ever taken with my phone but I think you get the idea.

Tonight Sister Wixom came to our Roundtable and spoke!  What a magnificent treat!!!

He main objective in visiting with our area was to help us be better teachers and leaders to the children we steward.  She started off simply saying, “On my honor I will do my best!”  That’s all the Lord has or ever will ask of us- for us to do our absolute best!

As primary teachers we need to make sure that each child is leaving our classrooms feeling loved, feeling the Holy Ghost, and some message of the gospel.  That is a true success.  Now, we know that we can’t control if they’re in a good mood or a lot of other factors but we can control our preparation and our own ability to teach with the spirit.

So many of the things she talked about relate to being a mother and raising your children.  Recognize your child’s achievements, take an interest in them, teach from the scriptures.  If we are preparing spiritually, participating in cousils, ministering to them, and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ we are assured to have success!!!

I’m so glad that my husband is such a loving and understanding man, to kick me out of the house and hold down the fort while I’m away.  I know that there will be things that I’ll have to clean and do when I get home but I’m so glad that I was able to regroup, spiritually, and bring that spirit back to my home!


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