2nd Grade Readers’ Theater

I love when the kids do these little readings.  It’s so great to hear their little voices and to hear how they’ve progressed from years past.  I’d say a little more than half of Benjamin’s classmates this year were in his class last year.  They did a similar readers’ theater with “Rafunzel“.  Similar in that it was read by the children.  This story was much shorter and was a fable (something they’re learning in class right now).  I loved the dynamics and how excited Benjamin was to show off his work.

(Benjamin’s the bad billy goat in the orange shirt 😉 )

I ended up being the only parent there.  I ended up bringing some banana bread as a treat for the kids.  They were so excited to have an audience which made it a little sad that none of the other parents came to see them.  I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy trying to do and see and be apart of my child’s education!


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