Ms. Rebecca and her babies!

Back in December when Jacob was having his last visits with his therapists, Rebecca had asked if she could come by after things had quieted down and bring her kids.  I thought it was a wonderful idea and so waited for the day when she’d text me to come over.  Weeks went by and I began to think that maybe she was just being nice and that nothing would really come of it until I got a text Friday evening asking if she could drop by for a bit on Sunday.  After texting back and forth we decided to have the whole family over for dinner.

We decided on a fun dinner of “make your own pizzas” which I hoped would make her kids feel a little more at home and relaxed.  I didn’t need to worry about any of that.  The minute I opened the front door her four beautiful children were more than I ever could have imagined.  They were so polite, so courteous, so helpful, and just so happy!!!  She has three girls and one boy, the exact opposite of me, but I couldn’t help but hope that my children could one day have as much love and respect for one another as these four kids did.

They were all just starting their adolescent teen years and you never would have known it.  The youngest started up a conversation with Jared about the French involvement in WWI and WWII 🙂 .  He then moved onto showing Joseph and Benjamin how to do some origami.  The older girls played and talked with the other kids who were much younger than them but didn’t seem to mind one bit.

It was bitter-sweet to see Jacob with Ms. Rebecca.  At first he didn’t go near her.  It didn’t take too long before he warmed up to her and started showing and telling her all kinds of things.  He had worked pretty hard to make her a button bracelet.  That was one of his first and favorite things to do with Rebecca.  Of course when she first started working on his grasp he was using large wooden, beaded blocks.  For this bracelet he used regular sized buttons and strung them through the little holes.  I was impressed by his ability to sit still for that long to string 50+ buttons.  It actually turned out quite pretty!

It was a beautiful night and I’m so glad we got this extra chance to be with her and say proper good-byes!  I hope it will never be a complete good-bye with any of these amazing women but that maybe each year I can have them over for a little party to celebrate them and all the work that they do/did for my son and so many other children in the valley!


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