My sister-in-law pointed out to me that Jacob looks an awful lot like Benjamin when he was that age, especially in their church suits.  It wasn’t until I looked back at the pictures that I realised that it was the same suit!


Here you have two little boys wearing the exact same suit nearly 6 years apart from each other.

Benjamin’s picture (on the left) was taken when we lived in Lancaster, PA.  He was almost 2 years old and potty training because you can see the tops of his pull-ups as he’s tucking in his shirt.  I remember how well he could speak and carry on a conversation with anyone.  That boy was so advanced for his age.  Whether that was because I pushed him to be that way because he was the oldest or he was just wired that way, I guess I’ll never know.

Fast forward six years and two months and you’ve got Jacob wearing the same suit.  Even though he’s a year older in the picture he is just now able to wear the suit.  Benjamin was always very average when it came to his height and weight.  Just goes to show you have much smaller Jacob is.  That is one of the reasons that he has been my baby for so much longer than the others.  Jacob is progressing in his language but nowhere near as capable as his big brother was at his age.  The same thing can be said for his potty training.  We’re probably another couple of years away from that.

Even though these two boys are so completely different that’s the thing that I love about them!!!  Their personalities and experiences bring different things to their relationship with me as their mother.  They may fit the same suit but they fit into very different roles in our family 🙂 .  Roles that couldn’t be filled by anyone else!


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