Owl Cake

Months ago, my sister-in-law, Megan, started planning Ava’s first birthday party.  She decided on an owl theme with the saying “Look Whooo’s Turning One”!  She asked me to help her come up with ideas for decor and the cake.  We decided on a baby smash cake for Ava and 24 cupcakes for the guests.  That was about all the direction she gave me 🙂

When I got the Cricut Cake for Christmas I started coming up with all kinds of ideas of what I could do to the cake.  I was thinking of making tons of fondant leaves and placing them on the cake as feathers but then I thought that wouldn’t be very easy for a baby to “smash”.  I decided to use the machine on the cupcakes and make a bunch of toppers!  These are the owls I came up with!

So, with my counter covered in little owls (so they can dry out) I got to work on the baby cake.  I have to say that this was one of the funnest cakes I’ve made in a long time.  It was so small and didn’t take very long to do at all.  I texted a picture of me prepping the cake to Jared and I got back the reply “Are you SURE that’s what you want to do?”  I love that you can make something out of flour and eggs that no one else could envision.  It’s kind of validating to know that the ramblings in your head do make sense (sometimes)!

                           Before                                                                         After

I had to drop these off a day earlier than I had planned because we are heading to Utah to see Aunt Kyrina get baptized!!!  It was sort of last-minute but Megan was okay with it I’m just sorry I’ll miss singing to her and watching her blow out her candle!  Love you, Ava!  Happy Birthday!



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11 responses to “Owl Cake

  1. Staci Gertsch

    This is so cute! You did a great job.

  2. Megan Johnson

    Wow Brianna, you are Amazing!!!! I LOVE it!! Thank you for being such a wonderful aunt!

  3. Kyrina Combs

    o m G!!! i LOVE THIS!!

  4. So cute! Love owls. One night I was looking at your pics of cakes on my phone and Mya saw the cakes and wanted to look at them so I let her. Now she asks a lot to get on my phone so she can look at cake pictures. Her favorite is the des…picable me cakes you did. If you lived closer I would def. have you make a cake for her. She wants her dad to have a Kung Fu Panda cake for his 30th birthday in a week. Have a good weekend!

  5. You are amazing! Kami LOOOOVES owls–I’m hiring you this November!

  6. Natalie Bergquist

    So cute!

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  8. Angie Davis

    What mold did you use to make the “smash” cake? It is beautiful!!!

    • Actually, Angie, I didn’t use a mold. It’s just two 4 inch cakes place one on top of the other and shaved here and there to get the shape I wanted. I’m not a big fan of molds just because my experience has been that the cake doesn’t cook evenly and/or it sticks/rips in places. After the cake cools for a bit I pop it in the freezer for about 5 minutes and then use a serrated knife to cut away at it. Hope that helps some!

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