A special trip for Kyrina

We left Vegas around 2:00, after we dropped off Ava’s birthday cake and other supplies that Megan needed.  We didn’t get into Salt Lake until around 10:00 UT time.  We played with Grandma and Grandpa for a bit and then went to bed.  We had to be up and across town quite early if we wanted to see Kyrina get baptized 🙂 .

When we got to the church nothing was set up so we got to work.  Joseph showed great skill in sitting and making sure that the font filled itself while Jacob ran around showing his muscles off to everyone as they lifted tables and chairs 🙂 .  Such silly boys!

It was a beautiful ceremony with close to one hundred in attendance.  I had never seen anything like that before, but just to show you how much Kyrina is loved and what a happy day this was!

One of Kyrina’s close friends gave the talk on baptism and then Gordon gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.  It was so nice to see him get emotional and crafty 😉 .

With Benjamin’s baptism just a month ago and George’s baptism a week after that this month has been quite the testimony builder.  It was so good to hear Kyrina’s testimony after her baptism.  It started off as just a thank you to everyone that came but then it became so tender and amazing when she mentioned how this time next year, they will all be sealed as a family.  She said that would be an amazing third birthday present for little Brayden and I completely agree!


After the meeting we all met in the cultural hall for a big luncheon in Kyrina’s honor.  Everyone brought some great goodies and all the family brought the meat.  It was the perfect way to gather and mingle and give our congratulations to Kyrina.  It was also a great chance for the family to hang out and get reacquainted.  Not having seen Olivia and Owen since last August it took me a while to charm my way back into their lives!  But cool Aunt Bri always wins their little hearts! 🙂


The gathering reminded me of one of our regular Combs’ family dinners where everyone would just show up at Grandma and Grandpa’s and hang out.  The family was huge before, when I was a kid, and has only grown since.  That’s just one of the things that Jared and I love about having such a large extended family.  That and they’re all fun to be around!


We got to meet some of Brandon and Kyrina’s friends and neighbors.  It was so nice to hear how involved she has been and how inclusive the ward has been to her.  I remember one the first times meeting Kyrina and Emma was saying a blessing on the food and in that prayer she mentioned, “Please bless that Kyrina will get baptized…“.  I remember my heart skipping a beat and thinking that she’d take it the wrong way or that she’d get mad.  All she did was laugh!  But ever since then the kids have never stopped praying for her and Uncle Brandon.  My children are so full of faith it amazes me!  It was funny to sit and talk with Kyrina because she remembers that day too.

One of her friends was a big time photographer.  He noticed that I had a Nikon camera like him.  We talked for a bit about lenses and ISO, real nerdy stuff!  At one point I told him that I was considering buying a new lens but I had no idea where to start.  He flipped out his big camera bag and let me try on his lenses.  I was so giddy 🙂 .  I fell in love with his 50mm f/1.8 lense!


It was such a wonderfully, fast trip!  36 hours up there and back!  But I think the best part was that we didn’t have high demands on our time.  We knew we were going to the baptism and then confirmation the next morning, other than that our schedules were open and accommodating.  That really helps when you’ve got four little ones who are easily distracted or bored (much like Joseph told me in the middle of Kyrina’s baptism 🙂 ).


I’m so glad we were able to be a part of Kyrina, Brandon, and Brayden’s special day!


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