Ava Turns ONE

My sweet little niece turned one today!  It was such a bummer to be out-of-town during the party but I’m glad I got to be there in spirit.  I just wish the kids could have been there.  They love their cousins so much, especially Joseph!  He has a little thing for Ava.  It could be because he drew her name for Christmas and thought about her for a while.  Whatever it was, he came up to me when I finished making her owl  cake and cupcake toppers and said, “Those look just like the owl that I got Ava for Christmas!”  I was so impressed that he remembered and I was more impressed that I got the look right.  If a five-year old can figure out that it’s an owl then it was a success 🙂 .

Happy Birthday, Ava!




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2 responses to “Ava Turns ONE

  1. Gayle Coslow

    Love your creativity…the decorated cupcakes were absolutely beautiful!!!!You are so talented! Now I know who to call upon when I need a decorated theme cupcake cake. Megan says you are taking orders…you should go into business in all that spare time you have ….right?????

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