A special trip for Kyrina (continued)


After the baptism we drove over to Brandon and Kyrina’s place to change clothes and hang out with the kids.  There was a bunch of leftover food from the luncheon and we just snacked, talked and watched the kids play.


We discovered that Brayden and Jacob have the same long-haired, pan-wielding girlfriend!  Tangled was on and Jacob and Brayden both climbed onto the couch and started dancing and clapping to the music.  It was really cute!

It was total chaos in the house, but that’s what we love about it!!!  It was so good to hear the kids laughter and screams of delight as they played together and got reaquainted as cousins!

After a bit of playing it was time for Brayden to take a nap.  Since that was completely impossible with all the kids in the house we stepped outside for a bit to play in the nice, brisk, winter weather.

Right before we stepped outside we noticed Brayden’s bedroom light on.  I realised that Jacob had gone in there to play with the toys (not used to having younger ones around) and was hanging out and playing with Brayden, even though he was in his crib.  Yeah, I don’t think that kid looks like he’s ready for a nap 🙂 .


Jacob got some exposure to real bikes/trikes.  Whenever we go outside he sits in the little toy car that we have and doesn’t venture out.  He still doesn’t have the coordination to peddle but it was nice seeing him going up and down the walkway on this little 4-wheeler.  I love his look of concentration, with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth.  That’s something he got from his mommy and great-grandpa Combs!


After freezing outside for a bit we decided to pass a little time at IKEA!!!  I think it has become a visiting tradition.  The kids had a blast in the play area while Jared and I enjoyed some time alone, shopping.  It’s always fun to get a few minutes to ourselves even if it is in a public place like IKEA.


After IKEA we all gathered at Garron and Abby’s home for pizza and all kinds of other goodies!

The kids danced, the boys played the Wii, it was just an all around good time!  It has been a while since all five of the kids have been together with all their families so it was just a wonderful time to be together.
When we got back to Grandma and Grandpa’s place they gave each of the kids a little present.  It was initially for Benjamin’s baptism but they couldn’t make it out so they gave it to the kids now.  Benjamin got a book called “The Testimony Glove“.  Each of the kids got their own glove to go along with the book.  Jacob got some very special Dollar Store gloves so that he could still feel a part of everything going on.  He LOVES them!

This morning we got up early to be to Kyrina’s ward so that we could watch her get confirmed.  It was wonderful!

After the meeting we went to Brandon’s place and got changed for our long drive back home.  The kids loved playing with their uncles and, like I always say, I love watching my brothers with my kids.  It’s such a great thing to watch.  We also tried to get a quick picture of all the grandkids together.  This was the best we could do…

Someone gave each of the little ones some coins to keep their hands busy but it just backfired because more than half of the shots I took are of the tops of their heads because they’re playing with the money or trading them with each other 🙂 .  Maybe one day we’ll get another good shot of all of them together!

We wanted to get a picture of just us girls, but I love how Emma snuck her way into that picture!  She is one of the girls 🙂 .


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