New Old Chairs

So these are a couple of chairs that my grandmother sent up with John when he came up for Benjamin’s baptism.  My grandma and grandpa are in the process of selling my great-grandma’s house in Arizona.  Part of the whole process was getting rid of some of her furniture.  They had called and asked if there was anything that I wanted and I jumped at the opportunity to have some family furniture.

I remember as a little child sitting at these chairs at the kitchen table talking with Grandma Betty about anything and everything.  I loved her so much and these chairs just had such great memories to go with them.  Unfortunately, when I got them you could tell that they were pretty worn.  I loved the look and style I figured all they needed was a bit of elbow grease to make them shine.

I was right!  I took the seats off and washed the chair backs and legs like crazy.  I then stripped the white vinyl off the seat cushions and added a bit more padding and used this really great fabric that I found at the store for $3 a yard!  The finished product is amazing!  The kids love them and fight over who gets to sit on them.  I really need to finish the other two so that everyone has a seat to sit on 🙂 .

I’m so excited to have a bit of her in my home!


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