New Calling

WOW!!!  I’m stunned.  My dad just left here, but not before extending me the calling to be in the Young Women’s Presidency!  That is so weird!!!

I know, weird isn’t exactly the first response you’d think someone would say in regards to a calling but I’ve been in the Primary for 11 years now, it’s all I know!!!  My very first calling outside of Young Women was the Primary pianist.  I did that for a few months, at which point I married and moved to California where I got the calling to be Primary teacher for the CTR 5-6 year old girls.  I moved up with those girls to the next class (CTR 6-7) and was released just before they went into the 8-year-old class because I had Benjamin and moved to Vegas.  I missed seeing those girls get baptized 😦 .

I was in Activity Days while we lived in Vegas and was released when I had Emma and moved to Pennsylvania.  In Lancaster I was the Primary chorister and then moved onto being one of the counselors.  I got released when we moved back over to Vegas.  Once we were in Vegas I was placed as a Primary teacher for the Valiant 11 kids.  Once we moved over to this side of town and I found out I was pregnant with Jacob and put on bed rest I wasn’t given a calling for a while.

Once things settled down and I had Jacob, I taught Relief Society for 4 or 5 times because I only taught once a month but then was put in as the Primary chorister, again.  I worked in that capacity for about a year and then was called to be the 3rd counselor in the Primary presidency.  I’ve been there ever since, that is until tonight when I was called to be in the Young Womens.

I don’t know, there’s just something about Young Womens that is petrifying to me.  I always had leadership roles throughout my six years in Young Womens but that was because I was a young woman.  It’s so different now.  You can be a complete nerd in front of the little children and they love you for it, but try that in front of young adults and you’re shunned for life.  That’s going to be hard for me because I’ve got an odd, crazy sort of personality to begin with.  This is going to take a lot of prayer and faith that the Lord knows what he’s doing by calling me here.



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3 responses to “New Calling

  1. Kara

    With all the fun things you do for your kids, you’ll do great!!! I’m 1st counselor in our YW and before that was the Mia Maid advisor and one thing that my girls love is food, so, every Sunday I brought in different types of homemade cookies and they warmed right up to me.

    I can totally relate about feeling stupid/shunned from young adults.I am always wondering if they think I’m a dork or saying something dumb. It can happen for sure, but I think it also depends on the YW’s personalities. I have been really lucky with my group as a whole. Even the ones that are a little harder to reach (i have 2) have slooooowly opened up. One thing All the girls know about me is that they can trust me, and by doing this, it has helped create a bond. I created a private Facebook group page for our ward to send them reminders about stuff. I also let them have input on activities we do. Another thing I do is I’m also friends with them on Facebook and keep an eye on them from a distance. One girl in particular made a comment that she likes being my “friend” on Facebook because I don’t act nosy like other leaders. Little does she know that I am looking on their pages every once in awhile. I just never say anything to them :).

    Like I said above. We have a good group of girls who are strong, so it makes being their leader a bit easier. You will be FANTASTIC!!!!!

  2. Congrats!! I hear once your in YW you never wanna leave. You’ll do great Bri!! Those girls are so lucky.

  3. Thanks, Danielle! I needed to hear that.

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