Hello Kitty Cake

I finished my Hello Kitty Cake today!  I started it two days ago but had to scrap everything yesterday afternoon when my client called and told me that the girl she was getting the cake for “hated” chocolate cake.  And, of course, I had made a round chocolate cake like she had requested.  It’s funny but then it’s really not!

I originally got this cake order from the pictures that I posted on Facebook that were of my niece’s baby smash cake.  I guess in my attempts to make an owl my undecorated cake looked somewhat like Hello Kitty.  My sister-in-law made the comparison and that’s when I got the call with the cake order. Funny how things work out!

It was a simple white cake with almond buttercream frosting in the center.  It was a hard design to work with.  It would have been much easier to do a flat cake and frost the face with a certain piping tip but I wanted to challenge myself.  I worked on the fondant decorations first.  That was a bit tricky because the proportions had to be perfect or it wouldn’t look like Hello Kitty.  The over-exaggerated pink bow, the yellow nose and black eyes, with the six black whiskers.  I ran out of time to have the black fondant dry for the whiskers so I covered wooden skewers with black fondant.  I probably would have moved the whiskers forward but I had already pierced the RBF on the face and that would have been impossible to cover up so they stayed where they were.

In an effort to save on supplies I tried to use the chocolate cake for the ears but the minute I placed the RBF on top it smashed.  I wasted so much time cutting the cake and sculpting it to the right shape for the ear.  I vowed I wouldn’t use cereal treats but in the end I was desperate.  I guess I shouldn’t be that averse to using non-cake materials in my cakes.  It is edible and they do the same thing on Cake Boss and Challenge.

I really do love this cake!  It turned out so cute!  I’m so glad that I was finally able to master covering a shaped cake with fondant without it ripping!




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14 responses to “Hello Kitty Cake

  1. Kristin McKee

    I still feel so bad about the chocolate thing!!!!!

  2. Well, you should!!! 😉 No, it really wasn’t a problem. I was wondering if you’d say anything once I posted this! Trust me… it really wasn’t that big of a deal! ♥

  3. Kristin McKee

    Lol I just felt bad 😦 also its sorta sad that it my friend of 14 years and I didn’t know that?

  4. I think that’s what I thought was so funny about the whole situation! Some friend you are! 😉 jk

  5. Rachelle Payne

    I would have taken one for the team and eaten it for you. Thats just the kind of friend I am. : )

  6. Hahaha! I love and miss you Rachelle!!!

  7. Rachelle Payne

    I miss you both too! Hey why don’t you two girls jump on a plane &the come see me?

  8. Rachelle Payne

    BTW I LOVE the cake!! Jaden would love that for her birthday.

  9. Marcy Mitchell-Coffey

    Brianna, I am Kristin’s friend you made the cake for. You my friend are so EXTREMELY talented. The cake was amazing. I didn’t even want to cut it because it was so cute!!!! If I ever need a cake, I’ll be contacting you!!! Thanks for making the cake!!!

  10. You have wonderful friends! I’m glad you enjoyed it and I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration!!!

  11. Kristin McKee

    It was so good! Thank you so much for making it, my friend loved it! The homemade fondant tastes really good too.

  12. Grandma Combs

    This is so cute!!! You’re doing great things… I’m so glad that you’re my granddaughter… I’m so proud of you!!!

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