Republican Caucus

This morning was the Republican caucus.  I’ve never been to one of these before.  I was really impressed with how it all worked.  I just about peed my pants when they opened the floor up to anyone that wanted to say something about the candidate they were voting for but luckily my hubby rescued me and did the deed!

It was a wonderful chance for me to see our great electoral system up font and person!  Get out there and vote, because you can!  It’s an amazing thing and unfortunately all too often we take it for granted.

There was a gentleman that go up at the very end, just before we cast our votes and he wasn’t up there campaigning for anyone in particular but he got very emotional and just wanted to say how proud he was that we had such a great turn out for our precinct and how wonderful it was to be able to do something like this and not be punished.  I’m guessing that he was some type of ex-soldier or maybe he was just someone who knows how incredibly lucky we are to live in America.  Either way, I’m so grateful that he had the courage that I didn’t have to stand up and say what was on his mind!


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