Florida Beaches

This morning was so amazing!  We got to sleep in!!!  Who would have thought?  Certainly not us! 🙂  Since today is Jared’s birthday we did what he wanted.  What he wanted to do more than anything was spend a couple of hours writing!  It ended up being some nice quiet time for the both of us.  I got to read a bit (something I can only do in the middle of the night) and he had time to write his little heart out!

 In the late afternoon we thought it’d be nice to get out for a bit before it got too dark to see anything.  We headed down the coast to see what we could find.  We were still so relaxed from such an easy-breezy morning that we thought it’d be nice to visit the beach.

As we were driving I saw a lighthouse!  I pointed and Jared steered us in the right direction.  Eventually we came to a small park that overlooked the lighthouse.  We got out for a bit to stretch our legs and take some pictures of the beautiful sunset.

There was  a beautiful pier that headed out to the lighthouse and all along it there were fishing poles!  There were old and young men lounging in chairs and passing the time while fishing!  It was like straight from a movie.  So quaint and inviting!


 We found a quiet little beach called Lighthouse beach that we walked.  Jared tried to write a message in the sand but the tide was up too high and it kept wiping it away.  He eventually shortened his message to just our initials.


As we were driving back to our hotel I wanted to try to find a special place to take Jared out for his birthday dinner.  By sheer coincidence we came across a whole Brazilian shopping area that had a Brazilian restaurant in it.

You should have seen his eyes light up when he got to tell me all about the different foods that they were serving.  He got to use his Portuguese a lot and even ordered a special fruity drink that he hadn’t had since his mission!

After dinner we walked around the area to see what else they had and to his delight they had a Brazilian bakery.  There were all kinds of sweets and pastries but he chose to order me some fried plantains and a couple of things of doce de leite (similar to dolce de leche).  We ended up buying a couple more to bring home to the kids!

What a wonderful trip!  Such a great way to spend my 29th and his 34th birthday… together!!!


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