Happy Valentine’s Day

I started early on this years Valentines’.  I got the idea for Emma’s “MUAH” cards from the Funky Polkadot Giraffe.  I used the same idea for Benjamin’s but instead of doing the kissy mouth we went with the popular mustache idea!  I found a great moustache mould at Michael’s on sale for $1.99 and all I needed after that was a bit of dark chocolate.



Once I had some chocolate moustaches made I took him outside for a little photo shoot.  I took several pictures of him with the moustache and several pictures without.  It was a fun time!  Once I picked out the photo I was going to use I put it into my Photoshop and added some wording and then sent them off to be printed.

I did the one-hour photo at Sam’s club which was only .09 cents per copy equalling a total of $2.70 for thirty.  Not bad!  I then mounted the photos to some red cardstock, covered the chocolate with a cellophane wrapper and tied it off with some red glitter ribbon.  I debated back and forth whether I wanted to cover the moustache or not but the more I thought about it I just didn’t want it to get dirty and germs all over it before the kids got home to eat them.  I definitely looked better without it but sometimes practicality wins out over aesthetics 🙂 .

For Emma, we just went outside and had our little photo shoot without using any of the chocolate lips.  She was so stinkin’ cute!  I was so funny when I asked her to raise one of her eyebrows or to blow a kiss to the camera!  What I loved more than anything was that I was able to capture her beautiful blue eyes and her porcelain skin!  Such a beauty!



Once we finished and I picked out a picture or two 🙂 (she was the only one that made two Valentines and only because I couldn’t decide which picture to use), I layered the MUAH graphic on top of her picture.  It gave her just enough space to sign her name in the bottom corner.  We did the same thing that we did with Benjamin’s pictures and sent them off to be developed for a total of $2.70 for 30 prints.  We then mounted them to pink cardstock and placed a single glue dot to the back of each candy and secured it to her picture.



Joseph’s was a bit easier in that he wanted the same thing that he did last year!  Since I already had the image from last year I just sent that one out for prints.  We was able to sign his name this year which was really nice and then he helped me add the lollipops to each of his cards!

Hope you all had fun with your little ones in sharing their love to their friends and family!!!


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