Pinewood Derby Car

When we were in Utah for Kyrina’s baptism we missed Benjamin’s Blue and Gold Banquet for scouts where each of the boys got their Pinewood Derby car kits.  We got our kit a few days later but Benjamin was sooo excited to get started on it.  He started by drawing an image of what he wanted his car to look like.  Once we knew what he wanted we traced the image onto the block.  We had to tweak a few things to make it fit.

Papa had a neat saw that he used to cut out the shape of the block.  Benjamin sanded and sanded the wood until it was nice and smooth.  I might have helped a bit while he was at school, just so that he didn’t get overwhelmed 🙂 .  Once we had all the basics done it was time to seal the wood and start decorating it.


We stayed up tonight to work on and finish his “Monster Masher” shark.  He mixed paint, measured, cut, hammered, etc.  He worked so hard but he loved every minute of it.  It was fun talking about different techniques to paint but it was more fun watching Jared and him work together.

This is his finished product!  He’s ready for the race on Friday!!!  We’ve been telling him that even if he doesn’t win that this is his first race and he’s there to have fun.  I hope that he does have fun and not that he wins but that he can learn to find the joy in working hard and in having fun!!!



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