Our First Ever Pinewood Derby!


With Benjamin’s car complete we were ready to go to the race!

There was one last thing I had to do.  Late last night, Papa came over with a white block of wood.  He said it was the bishopric’s car.  Let’s just say I was underwhelmed!!!  He asked me to jazz it up a bit and bring it to the race today.  Joseph and I worked on it this afternoon while Jacob was napping.  Joseph told me that he wanted the sides to be green and the top to be purple and black zigzags.  Not very specific at all!  I kind of cheated and painted the green and purple and then used a thick black sharpie to draw the zigzags on.  It worked!  When it was done Joseph thought it looked like a “purple people eater” (they’d been listening to that song on my iPod).  That gave me the idea to add the one big googly eye and “purple people eater” down the side.

 It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater
One-eyed, one-horned flyin’ purple people eater
One-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater
Sure looks strange to me (One horn?)

Benjamin talked with one of his good friends who got permission to go with us to the Derby.  I think it was good for him to experience a little of what missionary work is like.

He was so excited when we got the church and he had to weigh his car.  He was underweight so him and daddy had to put some weights in the bottom to hopefully make it go faster.

While the boys were getting their equipment ready, the kids and I got front row seats and played with Muck and Amy who came all the way down to see him race!  Actually, they were celebrating their 1 year anniversary and were on their way to dinner but stopped by for a bit.  So nice!

Each of the boys got a “driver’s licence” when they registered their cars!  The last time Benjamin got something like that was at Disneyland on the Autopia ride.  He still has it!  I could tell he felt  the same about this one.

The scout leaders judged each of the cars for different awards that the boys would get later.  Once that was done it was time to start the race!!!  All the boys were excited and so were the siblings!  The scoutmaster explained things to the kids and reminded them that the louder they cheered the faster their cars would go!


The races were fun and the cars ran well (the “purple people eater” leaving everyone else in the dust) but the most important thing was that the boys were cheering for all the cars no matter if it was theirs or not.


I played around with my camera so I could get shots of the kids chanting and cheering!  It was so fun to watch and so neat to look at the pictures afterward with the cars zooming by and their arms all a blur because of their movement.

There was one point where I was taking pictures and I noticed Joseph and his little friend Savanna Burt on the other side of the tracks.  Savanna had her arms around Joseph and the two were just quietly watching the cars.  The minute I aimed my camera at the two of them Savanna quickly dropped her arms but I caught it 🙂 .  It’s been cute watching these two really good friends and how much Joseph takes care of her.  There are times when he’ll say “Savanna is so pretty today!” or “I like how soft Savanna’s hair is!”.  I think he has a little crush but I don’t think he even realises it.

The results were tallied and the awards were handed out!  Benjamin got “MOST CREATIVE” for his monster mashing shark while the Bishopric got “BEST IN SHOW” for their purple people eating car.  Even though their car got first place the leaders took them out of the running so that the boys could get the awards.

Willie Ivie got 1st!
Carter Houston got 2nd!
Chaz Burt got 3rd!

Benjamin was so excited because all three of those boys are his friends and he was so happy that they won!  I’m glad he was able to look beyond himself and be happy for everyone.  We learned a lot from this Derby and we might be seeing a “Purple People Eater #2” next year!


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