Favorite Decade

This week is Nevada Reading Week at the schools!  Each day the kids have something fun to do to help get them in the spirit of reading.  Today was “Dress as your favorite decade”.  I don’t really know what that has to do with reading but we were going to be involved and this is what we came up with.

Benjamin was a 80’s nerd (tucked in polo shirt, belt, high-water pants, loafers, and thick glasses with tape) while Emma was the pretty little 50’s poodle skirt girl.  It’s actually my costume but we belted it at the waist and had her wear clothes underneath just in case.  We bobbed her hair and the rest is all her!

My cute kids!!!



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8 responses to “Favorite Decade

  1. Staci Gertsch

    That is too cute! And I love Emma’s hair, what a doll.

  2. Abby Tingey

    This is ADORABLE! Emma is so pretty.

  3. Mike Combs

    I’m with Benjamin with the 80’s! Ha

  4. Megan Johnson

    They are so stylish!! Love them!!

  5. Kyrina Combs

    so cute!! soooo cute!!!

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