System Flush!!!

My kids turned the computer off incorrectly (again) but this time it was bad 😦  Somehow, they managed to have the computer reset itself back to its original factory settings, erasing everything on my computer in the process!!!  Normally that wouldn’t be such a bad thing but I hadn’t backed up my photos and files since October.  That means all of our pictures from Disneyland, Christmas, Florida, Benjamin’s baptism are all GONE!!!

I feel sick!  It’s an actual physical pain in my stomach.  I cried for about 30 minutes when I realized how bad it was.  Then, like another ton of bricks, I realized that all the spreadsheets that I had made for YW were all gone too.  That took hours upon hours to collect all that data and put them together.

Enough can’t be said for backing up files!  And now all I can do is suck it up and get to work on re-doing all my stuff.  Thank goodness I was up to date on my blog so that I can at least get those images.


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