Favorite Character

Today was Dress As Your Favorite Book Character Day at school!  I only got pictures of Joseph and Jacob because daddy took Benjamin and Emma.

Benjamin was Percy Jackson (orange “Camp Halfblood” shirt, white minotaur horn, and clicky pen for Riptide).  Emma went as Purplicious!  She’s got a thing for purple these days and told me that she wanted a Purplicious party for her birthday!  Basically she wore purple from head to toe.

Joseph has really been into Dr. Seuss books lately so he decided to dress as The Cat in the Hat!  I wanted to keep it really simple because who knows what they do at preschool and I didn’t want him to be restrained.  He wore his regular clothes but then we added the hat and some white gloves from his Tin Man costume from a few years ago.  Some black whiskers and a little black nose is all he needed to round out the look.  All Jacob wanted to be was exactly what his brother was, but I only had one hat!  He didn’t seem to mind one bit once I put on his whiskers and nose!  Now these are the kind of cats I’m not allergic to!  I’d snuggle with them 24/7.



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4 responses to “Favorite Character

  1. Cat in the Hat Charger………love it. If you have to sport it…do it right.

  2. Oh and I had a nice long chat with Purpleicious this morning.

  3. Abby Tingey

    Okay, this is just getting ridiculous! Your children are so cute! You are a good mommy. And you were a great babysitter fifteen years ago 🙂

    • Brianna Johnson

      Oh, Abby! You just made me feel incredibly OLD!!! 🙂 Thanks for keeping in touch. It’s so great to see you growing up and all the fun you’re having! xoxo

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