Your “Purse”-onal Journey

Tonight’s Relief Society was on purses!  Purses?  What does that have to do with anything?  But it was such a cute approach to our roles in life and how our “purses” chance over time.  There were several women that spoke about different purses or bags.  There were backpacks, gym bags, diaper bags, travel bags, temple bags, and even everyday purses.  Each woman had put a few things in their respective bags over the week and tonight they pulled them out and explained how that helps them in life and their callings as mothers and women in general.  The one I loved the most was the diaper bag and she related how diapers help catch all the crap that life throws our way.  She related diaper cream that to the Relief Society and how it’s there to help soothe our sore bottoms and help heal us.  There were so many examples but the underlying theme was that Relief Society is here for us no matter what or where we are in life.

Here was the great closing song that we sang that had different lyrics just for tonight!

(tune to Count Your Blessings) by Colleen Poole

When upon life’s journey you are lost and poor,
Do not be discouraged, you’ll not miss the store.
Count your many purses, every doubt will fly
You’ve been spending money as the days go by.

Are you ever burdened with a purse of care?
Does the purse seem heavy you are called to bear?
Count your many purses, every doubt will fly
And you will be singing as the sales go by.

When you look at others with their purses new
Think that life has promised more than that to you.
Count the many purses from which money did fly
You’re a busy woman with your goals set high!

So amid life’s stages whether old or young,
Think about each purse and how they made life fun.
Count your many purses, each has tales to tell,
Count your many purses, and your heart will swell.

Count your purses
Name them one by one
Count your purses
See what deeds you’ve done
Count your purses,
They make life more fun
Count your many purses
See what you have done.


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